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AUB Board of Directors
Bo Perkinson, Vice Chairman Stan Harrison, Chairman Lou Pascarella, Bob Sevigny, and Tom Hughes.

Athens Utilities Board is a not-for-profit organization, owned by the City of Athens since 1939. General Manager Eric Newberry and a five-member Board of Directors guide the organization. The Athens City Council appoints four of the directors, each to a four-year term; the fifth board member, who serves a one-year term, is from the city council itself.

AUB’s four field divisions include Power, Natural Gas, Water, and Wastewater. The Accounting Division, the Communications Department, and Human Resources Department support the field divisions.

AUB’s goals as an organization are straightforward and simple:

  1. Send every employee home safely at the end of every day.
  2. Satisfy every customer through personal attention, quality work and open, honest communication.
  3. Contribute daily in a positive way to our community.

We believe that if we strive to achieve these simple goals we will have a premier utility, and we will realize our efforts to be well aimed and successful.

Brief History

  • Originally the Athens Electric System, a locally owned private company, then was bought out by the Tennessee Electric Power Company.
  • 1939, the City of Athens purchases the power company and forms the board of public utilities, which included the water works that the city had purchased from the Ingleside Water Company in 1934.
  • 1950, bonds sold for natural gas service, with distribution beginning the following year.
  • Gas, water, and electric systems were operated separately until 1953, when the City of Athens formed the Athens Utilities Board.
  • 1986, the City turns over to AUB the operation of the wastewater system.



Eric Newberry, General Manager
Eric Newberry
General Manager

Wayne Scarbrough, Asst. General Manager
Wayne Scarbrough
Asst. General Manager

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