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Lateral Pruning


AUB’s Tree Trimming Program

A Year-Round Necessity to Ensure Reliable Power

“Why is my power out?!” We’ve all come to expect our electric power to be there with complete reliability. So, when it does go out, we want answers.

All too often, the answer for the above question is that a tree limb has either bumped or fallen on a power line. Downed lines are not only one of the top reasons for power “blips” and outages, they are a safety hazard and a big expense to every customer.

Sometimes, the same tree or group of trees knocks out power to hundreds of customers over and over again. So we, you, every customer, pay to fix the same problem over and over again. Doesn’t make good sense, does it? The only way to end the problem and control this cost is to properly trim the culprit trees.

That’s why AUB is putting in place a new tree-trimming program. In a nutshell, we must properly trim all trees that threaten power lines. The work will be in accordance with trimming standards that are healthiest for the trees and the power system.

The basics of our new program…
  • We will use an arborist to advise us on the best tree trimming practices for the health of the trees. The Aborist will often talk with customers as well about tree trimming methods;
  • When at all possible, AUB will notify property owners of planned trimming prior to the work; during emergencies, such as when a tree has fallen, this may not be possible.
  • Trimming is free of charge to the customer;
  • Customers have the option of arranging for an independent contractor at their expense to trim their trees to AUB specifications prior to AUB contract crews trimming their neighborhood/street. However, if a property owner chooses this option and then does not follow through with getting the trees trimmed, AUB will return to trim the trees and must then charge for the work;
  • All trimming will be done according to the best-recognized and approved principles of modern tree surgery. For more info click here;
  • Limbs and/or branches will be cut flush with the supporting trunk or limb so that no stub is left. This method, called “lateral pruning,” is healthier for the tree than the old “rounding over” method;
  • Trees will be trimmed to a minimum clearance of 15 (15) feet. Limbs may be cut farther from the lines to comply with lateral trim methods;
  • The premises of the property owner will be left as neat as before the trimming; our crews will chip the resulting brush and small limbs, but larger limbs and/or trunks are the property owner’s responsibility. AUB will cut limbs and trunks to short, manageable lengths for the property owner.
  • Limbs that are hanging over lines will be trimmed as high as possible. All efforts will be made to eliminate weak, diseased, and dead limbs above the wires that may fall or blow into the wires;
Trees under service lines (the lines running from the customer’s house to the transformer) are the property owner’s responsibility. For your convenience and safety, AUB crews will disconnect those lines free of charge at your request when you want to remove or trim a tree near them. Call 745-4501 to request assistance.



AUB Tree Trimming Schedule and Information

Trimming crews currently are working a 144 mile contract that includes circuits out the Mt. Verd Connector, areas north and west of I-75, and circuits out of AUB's Niota Substation. This contract period runs through March 2015.

Tree Trimming

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