Happy customer in her wood dog crate

I am doing great. Hope you are as well. I wanted to send these before
now but it kept slipping my mind. Harley loves his new home! He has
always known to get in his crate when I was leaving the house but now,
Hardwood Pet Furniture he will actually get in it through out the day to simply nap (which is
real nice since he previously napped on the sofa)!!!! It amazes me how
well he has taken to it!!! I had a piece of glass cut to size and
placed it on top and it really dressed it up. This crate looks SO MUCH
Custom Pet Crate BETTER than the big bulky pen I had sitting out in the living room.
This was the perfect solution!!!!! I'm so glad I stumbled onto your
website! All the best, Marvie

I love my tables! I am constantly getting comments about how cool they are and how great they look! I just sent your information to some friends of my Aunts in Knoxville Tn. They show dogs and have flipped over pictures of my house my aunt showed them after she visited last week! She was inthralled with my dog crates and has told everyone she knows about my tables! You have such a great thing here! You go girl! I just wanted to let you know, I bet your ears are burning constantly! Cindy