Why Crate Your Dog?

Like their ancestor the wolf, dogs are den animals. As such, they prefer an enclosed space. Many pet owners use crates to housetrain puppies, knowing that a puppy will not soil its own sleeping quarters. Unfortunately, they often get rid of the crate once their dog is housebroken because of lack of space or dislike for that ugly wire box.

However, experts in canine behavior will tell you that crate-trained dogs love their crates – and use them throughout their lives. The crate provides a sanctuary where your pet can retreat, sleep in peace, escape from confusion, or adjust to strangers in the home. Your pet’s crate is a safe, cozy haven where he or she can relax and feel secure.

The crate is also handy for you as a dog owner as a place to confine your pet when strangers or workmen are in the home. In addition, there are times when you may need to limit your dog’s mobility for health reasons, such as after your pet has surgery.

With beautiful Crate Haven furniture, there’s no need to get rid of your pet’s crate because of its appearance or the space it takes up. Crate Haven lets your dog enjoy the privacy and comfort of a crate, while you enjoy the beauty of quality furniture.